That Pink Biker ft Mini Shoe Haul

To say I’ve neglected my blog over the last two months would be an understatement but alas here I am with new found inspiration in the form of a pink suede jacket…

I know I’m now supposed to be a fully fledged adult and my first pay day thoughts should be for bills (and they are… mostly) but after buying four pairs of totally necessary shoes I did somehow find myself in the middle of Zara with an arm full of clothes and 10 minutes till closing… you can imagine my devastation when the changing room lady told me they were too busy for anyone to try anything else on (pretty sure I heard my bank card give a little cheer – a v small v short lived cheer…)IMG_3708

Fluffy heels: Primark £14.99 | Ankle Boots: HM (sale) £15.00 | Mules: HM £20.00 | Pink Suede Cropped: Zara £29.99 | Pink Suede Biker: Zara £59.99 | Earrings: HM £8.99

However, while un-wilfully unloading my aching clothes arm of leather skirts, ripped jeans and wrap shirts  (defo going back for those btw) I was super reluctant to part with the three (don’t judge) jackets I had picked up. Two perfect (slightly different) pink suede numbers and a  gorgeous black leather biker.

The obvious and most sensible choice would have been the black biker, no? No. Honestly, I could fill a skip with the amount of black jackets I own and after asking a random girl (swear I didn’t just pick her because she was also wearing a pink jumper and would be biased…)

I skipped to the checkout and bought both the suede pink biker and suede cropped jacket (the cut is super flattering on – middle right pic) And I love them both.

I’ve always said I love versatility in clothing and so far I’ve styled both jackets with black jeans, the HM boots and a long sleeved black T – leather leggings, a white oversized shirt and adidas superstars – black textured culottes, mules, a sloppy white T and a bralet – they’re the perfect throw on spring/summer jackets that can take you from day to night!

Also when you wear A LOT of black it makes sense to have a few more statement pieces in your wardrobe to jazz it up!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first waffle back ya lil huns, thanks for taking a look.

With Love, (a now very poor) Naomi x

p.s. Apparently it’s quite hard to take photos of suede so the colours may not look exactly the same.


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