KASA Intimates – Launch Party

Is there anything better than when style and comfort come together in the form of bloody beautiful underwear?!

As you’ll all know from my previous post – I live for that. I want to feel good in my underwear as well as feel I look good in it!


I feel that Kasa intimates really captures that and after lusting over gorgeous bralets, lace knickers and cosy looking sets on Instagram for the last few months, I was delighted to be invited to their launch party at Pitcher and Piano!



So I spent Saturday afternoon happily sipping prosecco, swooning over their amazing underwear line and mentally preparing myself for just how much money I am going to spend on it all…



I also LOVE the fact that the girls are local and everything is designed and made here in the U.K. Supporting local business’ is so important and I know I definitely won’t find it hard to support this one! They want you to find the #LUXURYinBASICS and I am all about that. And seeing the sisters share an emotional group hug in front of their golden ‘KASA’ balloons really brought home the love and dedication that they have clearly put into their brand. After chatting away to Lauren about how beautiful/candid/real the underwear shoot looked I could really see how much thought and care has not only gone into the design and production of their product but the message behind everything they are putting out there with it. How refreshing to see a brand oozing GIRL POWER and BODY CONFIDENCE.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photo shoot credit | Photographer: Daniel Stark | Models: Paris H.K, Constance Moscrop and Bethany Watson.

Bravo lasses, I can’t wait to order my first little box of basics and live in that beautiful AND comfortable lingerie.

With Love, Naomi x




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