My Pancake Picks

I’ve had this post written for weeks (okay, probably like a week and a half, maybe…) but I’ve just been too slow on the uptake to do anything abut posting it! Truth be told, I’ve been too wrapped up in my lovely new job having the best time ever to be pro-active outside of work (oops) HOWEVER, I promised myself I’d get back to blogging so what better way to jump back in than with a post involving pancakes, right?!

I am the (self proclaimed) pancake queen, honestly, I’d have them every day if I could… and the fact there’s a full bloody day dedicated to them?? Well, pass me the syrup/bananas/Nutella/fruit/biscoff spread/yogurt/EVERYTHING ELSE KNOWN TO MAN coz I’m all over that shit.

I love making any annual day into a whole weeks worth of celebrating so it’ll come as no surprise to you that I made a million pancakes for tea last night anyway but we were so excited I didn’t even document the process so now ‘how to’ from me this year!

Unfortunately though, this year, Ben is at work on the official Pancake Day and can’t join me for the ‘how many pancakes can I eat before I’m physically sick?’ contest SO I’ve promised him we’ll go somewhere at the weekend to make up for it (even though I’ll have had pancakes another three times by then… #notsorry)

In light of this promise I’ve compiled a few of my ULTIMATE FAVOURITE places for pancakes… hopefully this will get the decision ball rolling in advance and avoid that inevitable ‘where to eat’ argument (I’m sure y’all know they can get pretty heated.)

Ultimate Fave: Flat White Cafe – Durham


Best pancakes I’ve had to date. Fluffy, filling and freakin’ delicious. Definitely worth a train ride!

New Fave: Willis Cafe Jesmond – Jesmond


Went here for the first time Saturday gone and was pleasant surprised! Bloody lovely, thick and super sweet.

Old Fave: Frankie & Bennies – Literally anywhere


Cheap and cheerful but always yummy and quick!

Firm Fave: Long Play Cafe – Newcastle Quayside


Lush atmosphere listening to vinyl while you eat. The pancakes are canny too.

Forgotten Fave: Butterfly Cabinet – Heaton


Really must have a venture back here! Proper american style squishy pancakes. SO good!

Need to try: Bill’s – Durham

I am still yet to try their pancakes but after seeing them on a few friends insta’s I’m super tempted!

Obviously I’d rather be at home flipping the F out of my own pancakes but what’s better than food you don’t have to make yourself! I could probably think of far more places I’ve been to/would love to try for pancakes but alas, I’m getting the tired death stare from my boyfriend who has to be up at 5 and I’m tapping away *insert angel emoji here*

Cant wait to drool over all the pancake pic’s tomorrow!

With Love (and forever hungry) Naomi x

p.s. sorry for the lack of healthy options… I’m apparently on a dirty bulk…


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