Just real quick…

If you follow me on any social media you’ll know that I had some wonderful news recently… I GOTS ME A BRAND SPANKING NEW JOB!! (That grammar is no reflection of how…lol) The interview process was as exciting as it was nerve-racking but now that it’s over (phew) and the job is mine (eeeeeeek!) I can put some focus back into my blog like I planned!


And as I’m suuuuuuper excited to begin my career in Marketing as a PR and Social Media administrator (Still so happy! Even excited for all the #mondaymotivation/#humpdaytreat/#TGIF I will no doubt overindulge in) I couldn’t resist picking up a few bargains to help me slay my first day in our beautiful new office!


T 2 B:

Paperchase Rose Gold Stationary set £12 | Primark Patent Loafers £10 | Primark Copper + Marble Notepad £2.50 | Zara Embroidered Oversized Shirt £25.99 | Zara Joyful Tuberose Perfume £7.99 p.s. This smells fab + is the perfect size for a ‘work draw’ perfume!

So happy to be able to share this delightful news with everyone and totally buzzing to learn/progress in my new career!

With Love, Naomi x



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