New Year, SAME You.

WELL, A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! I came into 2017 with three of my favourite things: PJ’s, Prosecco and my lovely boyfriend. Wether you partied 2016 away or chilled like us, I hope you had a wonderful night and weren’t too worse for wear come January 1st… Just a quick one from me today to share my thoughts upon entering this New Year!

A lot of people see the new year as a chance to better themselves and make big changes in their lives (which is great, don’t get me wrong!) but sometimes it can all just be a little too much too soon. The whole ‘New year, New me’ thing can be such a toxic way to start thinking of yourself. Yeah, make positive/active changes in your life to make yourself happier but don’t change yourself to fit a life you may not even necessarily want. You may not be one of those people that has your life planned out to a T or that knows exactly what they want/how they’re going to get it. But thats okay. Sometimes even a little organised chaos can go a long way.

Take baby steps, towards the big steps.


Set small realistic goals. That way you can work hard but feel relaxed about your progress and know that you are achieving at a rate that suits you and your life. The last thing you want is 79 failed ‘resolutions’ that will force you to quit. Dream big but plan realistically. YOU WILL GET THERE. Plus smaller goals being reached first means you are one step closer each time to your main goal! For me that is a major motivation booster in itself as there are many more milestones/celebrations to help keep you on track in the long run!

Wether thats a fitness goal, work goal, general life goal or even a blogging goal. Find a way that you can smash out your own goals, your own way. And ALWAYS REMEMBER: The worst thing you can do is compare yourself or your progress to anyone else(s).

Comparison is the thief of joy – Theodore Roosevelt. 

You’ve got this.

With Love, Naomi x



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