Mini Chanel Haul – Party Season Essentials

Firstly, have you seen how bloody adorable Chanel’s christmas gift wrap is this year? Imagine seeing those under your christmas tree on christmas morning! Obsessed. But I’m much more obsessed with what is inside these cute lil sweetly wrapped boxes…


I LOVE buying presents for other people but I also really do love buying presents for myself as well. And why not? We should all learn to treat ourselves without feeling guilty/selfish about it (I’m looking at you mums and dads, you deserve nice shit too!) So every year, round my birthday, that lil voice comes back all ‘Treat yo’self… you deserve it.’ and I’m all ‘I mean, if you say so…’ and (with little persuasion) I twist my own arm into buying myself a little treat – To Me, From Me.




This year I fell back into a deep love affair with every shade of nude lip going and all the golden/coppery hues for the eyes. I was so happy to find Chanel had the most beautifully matched Lipstick and Liner. Especially as they are one of my favourite brands for longevity of lipstick (my Chanel rouge allure matte red stayed on through a super intense spin class once and snorkelling in Croatia… because isn’t that what you look for in a lipstick? Its underwater staying power?!)

After the lovely ladies persuaded me to try them on that was it, I just had to have them! There is nothing better than finding a perfect Nude for a paler complexion without looking as though your lips disappear (I hate that, its not 2010.) They just create a lovely natural effortless look together and its nice to strip it back sometimes. Especially if you are going full glam on the eyes!

Speaking of eyes, while I was trying the lipstick/liner doing the ‘ooooo yas, i luv it’ routine, a rather beautiful liner caught my eye. Literally, I’m never one for a coloured eyeliner, but this one won my heart. It was so bronze and beautiful and has a lovely golden tinge when the light catches. It will be fab for jazzing up a simple red lip and winged liner look or to add that little bit of sparkle to a dramatic smokey eye. Perfect for the festive Party Season! (Also, as soon as she said ‘Limited Edition’ I was fully sold… I NEED HELP.)


Heres a super happy looking hungover selfie to show the Lipstick/Lipliner, enjoy that…

I am honestly a sales assistants dream, it takes very little to convince me to try/buy. You know, it was actually lovely to go for a liner that is a little different TBH! I was very pleased with myself when I skipped away swinging my two little bags, smelling of my favourite Chanel perfume. (I love that they spray the bags too!)

Heres a Link to treat yourself to the 174 Rouge Anqèlique Lipstick or 34 Natural Liner if you wish… or that you can casually send to your mum/dad/partner/sister/dog as a wee subtle hint of what you may like to add to your christmas list! (Annnnnnnnd, I cant actually find the link for the liner! Which must mean theres only a few left! So remember to mention the 827 Sable liner is Limited Edition while out shopping… *insert sass hand emoji here*)

With Love, Naomi x


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