I’m in love with a gloss…

… And I’m surprised! 

For so long I’ve been matte or nothing. I was done with un-pigmented pots of goo that’s only purpose was to make my hair stick to my lips in the wind. 

However, Mac Vamplify is so smooth and glossy (without the stickiness) with the longevity (and colour!) of a lipstick – heaven. The colour I chose is so beautiful, like a mauvey/dusky pink/nude and with a name like ANYTHING BUT DEMURE you feel sassy af as soon as you apply it. Which is the obvious reason for buying anything, right?

At Β£18 (fenwick) it was a little more than expected but if I love a product the only thing that goes through my mind is “YOLO… treat yo’ self!” Then I just sit and worry about it later… The grown up way.

They also had some beautiful deep reds that I’m already eyeing up for Autumn! (There are 16 colours to choose from so there is bound to be something you’d like… Not that I’m tempting you… Of course…) and they are fab to just pop in your bag and apply on the go!

Best part is I was only there to replace my favourite nude as I’d eventually run out. Blankety: the best nude I’ve found for pale skin, without making your lips disappear! (I was also told it has blue undertones making your teeth look whiter!) Totally perfect paired with Whirl or Spice lip liners for that contoured/fuller lip look.

Even as a firm lipstick lover I 10/10 would recommend.

With Love, Naomi x

πŸ“·  no filters – only cropped!


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