Flat White Kitchen


Flat White Kitchen. Basically I’m obsessed. The outside, the interior, the FOOD, the coffee, the staff. 100% worth a trip to Durham just for breakfast. This post is going to end up like a lil look book (I took so many photos of just one window.)

After a short wait to be seated (it is a v popular place and we visited on a Sunday!) We looked over the menu – drooling over the countless pancake options and eggy delights. I ordered the most delicious Mocha I’ve ever had while deciding what to get. My boss recommended that we get the pancakes with the honeycomb ricotta cream so thats just want we did. We may have also got an extra portion of scrambled egg on sourdough toast each… but we were so hungry there are no pictures of that…

Everything there is just so picturesque, even the menus look cute!

While I tried to resist the urge to take even more photos… we stuffed our faces with our two breakfasts.

 Considering we had two breakfasts each and I had coffee our bill was so reasonable! Around £28 all together. We will definitely be back (Mostly because I need to try all of the other variations of pancakes… Also saw someone’s avocado come out an it looked insane!) 10/10 would recommend!

It was also nice to go a bit further afield – try somewhere new. Plus we had a lovely morning in Durham afterwards, visiting the cathedral and enjoying a leisurely stroll back to the train station. 

Just as a side note the train takes no time at all from Central Station; a return ticket is only £7.00!

With Love, Naomi x


5 thoughts on “Flat White Kitchen

  1. This looks so cute! I wish I lived closer so I could visit, I’m drooling over those pancakes. And craving coffee, those drinks look absolutely incredible!

    Bethany || babbleswithbeth.blogspot.co.uk

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