Date Night @ Hawthorns

Wow. Honestly. What beautiful food man.

As we were both supposed to be on a cut for holiday (i use the word ‘both’ v loosely) we only went out the once for NE1 restaurant week this time *insert cry face emoji.* After a LOT of debating/arguing over where to go we decided on Hawthorns in the Crown Plaza. I’m not sure why but I really wasn’t expecting much… swiftly changed my mind though!


We arrived to the acoustic melody of live music and were seated by the window with a great view of the beautiful ambient restaurant. Much to the shock of the waitress (and the couple next to us) we ordered almost one of everything from the Restaurant Week menu and patiently waited for our little feast to arrive. And my god, what a wee feast it was! The couple next to us joked that we’d ‘never eat all that’ and to send over left overs… we looked at each other; knowing they wouldn’t even need to scrape our plates afterwards and tucked in to the most flavoursome food ever. There wasn’t one dish that lacked, colour or taste!



Sitting there with the biggest food babies, empty plates and satisfied smiles, we perused the dessert menu (don’t judge.) I settled on sticky toffee with butterscotch sauce and Ben fancied a brownie (as though we don’t eat enough of them…) Now, I know it was fine dining and we were super full anyway but the desserts were kinda small for the price, I have to say (around £7-£8 not included in the £15 for three dishes deal we had.) Ben’s brownie was lovely but was also cold… so I could literally have believed it had been bought from the Sainsburys’ down the road and popped in the bowl… HOWEVER, that did not diminish the amazing flavours of the actual food we had – I’ve never sat and been genuinely happy in my soul with every bite of food. (Take a look at their regular menu, I can’t wait to try it!)

So bravo. We will be back. Especially as I’m also dying to try The Gin Bar in the Crown Plaza as well!

Thank you Hawthorns, date night done right.


With Love, Naomi x



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