Molton Brown

I am IN LOVE. I have never adored a hand lotion or its aroma as much as this one (or ever for that matter!) Like seriously, my hands smell phenomenal.

So, do not go into Molton Brown Newcastle and expect to come out empty handed girls. Once you catch a glimpse of the beautiful bottles and inhale the sweet scents of their candles/lotions your money will literally fall into their till and you’ll be walking away with one of their wee bags (full of goodies) tied in a bow from you just for you.

While I sit here letting the smell of Delicious Rhubarb and Rose swim through my nose and into my heart, I am dreaming of payday to pop back to Molton Brown to buy the Rhubarb and Rose candle too (and everything else this scent… because who needs to pay rent anyway, right…)

The Newcastle store is also the only one to offer a bespoke gift wrapping service, just ask the lovely staff!

IMG_3681IMG_3678IMG_3682IMG_3685IMG_3679IMG_3680Delicious Rhubarb and Rose hand cream: £10.00

We also got eight free minis for spending over £40.00 (a great way to find you’re fave scents!)

With Love, Naomi x




5 thoughts on “Molton Brown

  1. I am on a permanent quest to find the perfect softening, fragrant, touch dry hand cream. After many that have find in the bin, the only two that fit the bill are the Molten Brown one and Yhe Sanctuary. I’m working my way through all the different fragrances of the MB one and I’m currently on the rhubarb 🙂

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