Brow Bae: ABH Dip Brow

We’ve all been through the (e)motions with our brows, right?

They’ve been everything from un-plucked, bushy and shapeless to over plucked, harsh and 100% too dark/light. After using powders, crayons and pencils to fill there was never that moment of pure eyebrow content (you know when you’re just like YASS GAL).


Wether you fancy a more natural, soft around the edges kinda brow or a fierce, angled power brow the Dip Brow Pomade is the perfect consistency/colour to created both looks effortlessly.

Having fairly dark hair with such a pale complexion I was undecided for a long time on which colour to chose forever hovering between soft brown and medium brown. In the end I risked Medium brown but as mentioned you can make it as light or as dark as you like because of how easily it blends!


(also I legit think this pot is going to last as long as Kim K/Kylie’s snapchat stories… so, forever… had this ages now and its barely gone down; well worth the money!)

My ultimate fave way to finish off my brows has been Rimmel brow mascara for years. Fab for setting and giving you that perfect gradient. However, currently I’m on the hunt for a better brow brush but this Revlon brush is great for the moment! Any angled brush will do tbh as it is sooooooooo smooth.

Literally just bought my lil pot from amazon and it came within a week. Don’t wait guys, put your best brow forward.

With Love, Naomi x

(As I’m typing this Cara Delevingne and Dave Franco are having a v in depth conversation about their brows on The Late Late Show an sticking fake brows on James Cordon… basically I’m in brow heaven rn)


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