Olive and Bean Brekkie

First of all, apologies for not blogging in forever, I am currently in the process of getting myself a laptop as blogging from my phone is not ideal… However, I’m just going to power though as the wait continues!

So, as ya’ll know I am obsessed with breakfast (See earlier posts for evidence.) 

And obviously I was excited to try Olive and Bean for more than just a slice of something nice 😏

They’d had a little refurb since I was last in and I was delighted by the addition of cosy booths and quirky little accents such as the textured ceiling and golden syrup tins as cutlery holders.

I opted for the ‘Healthy’ breakfast (which actually, wasn’t all that healthy but there was fruit so we’ll let them off) it was super filling and delicious! (Which was great as I’d just done fasted metafit – 10/10 would not recommend)

Very reasonably priced for everything you get and the staff are so friendly! 

I especially enjoyed the adorable little toast rack (that’s why it got two of its own pictures… not even sorry, it was just so cute.)

Just a short walk from monument it’s easy to find and enjoy! 

With Love, Naomi x


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