Brunchin @ Arlo Jesmond

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Super quick lil post to showcase the unreal brunch I had on Sunday with my gal Lois.

Just a 1 min walk from West Jesmond metro station Arlo is a little hidden gem perfect for a wee catch up, a casual date or that perfect hangover cure. 

I say hidden but that’s not to say it isn’t crazy popular and super busy for breakfast. When I arrived it was raining but that didn’t stop the outside seating from being packed! (Thanks to a handy little cover to shield people with their full English brekkies and cuppas.)

While it was predominantly students that filled the seats, there were plenty of families.

The decor was the perfect combination of cafe come restaurant – you can tell a lot of effort has been put into the aesthetic with their quirky/homely stag theme. (We particularly liked the light fixtures!)  

As it was quite busy we joined the small que at the door; scanning the room for upcoming seats. Though you shouldn’t let that discourage you! We didn’t have to wait too long at all until a two at the back became free and we settled down to peruse the menu after ordering our tea.

(Still from a dead canny little tea video on my Instagram)

It took us ages to decide between, sweet waffles, big breakfast feasts, crushed avocado and so on. Eventually I settled on sweet waffles with yogurt and fresh berries and lois went all out and decided on the full English – girl after my own heart.

(Three pictures of the same breakfast because I could not choose my fave and to make up for the lack of any other pictures… Not sorry haha)

Both excellent choices… Although I could have eaten two of mine! (But I am greedy, there I said it… And I had done a half hour on the stairmaster before this lol)

The service was a little slow but we just put that down to it being rather busy… however the girls that served us could have smiled a little… 

However that definitely won’t stop me going back as the prices (see their menus here) were really reasonable and the food was delicious. I’m already planning my next brunch date there as we speak or as you read… 

With Love,

Naomi x


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