Full Coverage: YSL Essentials

There can be a lot of back and forth in finding the right foundation for you.i mean, I’ve changed my mind so many times… “Is this too matte…? Is that too expensive? Should I go full coverage or just double up on my medium…?!” 

But I know each time I always return to my ultimate favourite: YSL Fusion Ink Foundation. 

(And not even just because the bottle is so beautiful…)

It has the perfect ratio of amount used to amount of coverage; with such a soft/smooth application that the matte finish makes your skin look flawless. Because of the ink pot design you can apply it whichever way you like! I’ve found it looks great wether you use a brush, sponge or even your fingertips.

This is just one dip of the little spatula onto my brush and that will cover my whole face. Your bottle can last so long!

As you would expect the price is slightly higher than drugstore foundation but £32.50 (House of Fraser) for skin that makes you feel fab? It’s a steal!

Top Tip: If you pop to any YSL counter they will most likely be able to do a colour match for you and give you a little sample to try! Why wait!?


I LOVE their mascara. It’s the only one that doesn’t leave those annoying black marks under my eyes half way through the day!

I decided to try Baby Doll this time as it came with two sweet lil freebies and the applicator is fab for separating lashes.

Again slightly more expensive (£25 House of Fraser) but I’ve found YSL mascara doesn’t dry out as fast as others I’ve had in the past (as long as you use it right i.e. don’t pump it) so totally worth it.

With Love,

Naomi x

Face: Mac Concealer, YSL fusion ink foundation BR 20, Sleek contour powder (dark brown) Mac Mineralize skin finish in medium and Benifit high beam highlighter.

Look out for my next make up post with my everyday look! Where I’ll give you the full list of what I use on my eyes/brows/lips too!


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