Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

Super quick and easy little recipe for you guys to make when you’re feeling like being a lil naughty but y’all know summer is around the corner! 

And the best part is, all you literally need is a bag of oats, dark chocolate and your preferred peanut butter.  

So to start just pop as many oats as you like into a bowl (I used about half to make about 20 balls) 

now because I couldn’t find any chocolate drops with a high percentage I just used a bar of 70% and just roughly chopped it into little chunks and combined that with my oats.

Scoop out your peanut butter into a microwave friendly bowl and melt until runny (I used about four tablespoons in the end for my amount of oats so don’t be afraid to add more if your mixture isn’t quite combining!) 

Add your peanut butter to your oats and combine and squash into little balls! (I say squash because trying to role them into a ball just does not work haha, they crumble!) 

Top Tip: Try and do this part as soon as you’ve combined the ingredients as the peanut butter will have started to cool and won’t stick as well! 

Here’s the fun (if a little messy) part! 

Melt your dark chocolate down in a bowl you’ll be able to get your hands in. Then start to roll your balls around in them until full covered and pop them onto a non stick tray. Easy!

As I made these for my boyfriend coming home and as a wee present for my new flat mate I just added a few little white chocolate shavings to make them pretty! (Okay… So I may have made a few extra for myself too but a girls gotta eat!)

Hope you enjoy making these as much as I did! They were the perfect little Sunday activity and an unreal post workout treat!

With Love, 

Naomi x


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