Pink Lane Coffee

As you all know, I LOVE breakfast out (check out my other Breakfast posts!) So I’m always on the look out for a new place/new food to fall in love with.

My new breakfast crush atm is a favourite of mine: Pink Lane Coffee. I’ve been going there for a while but only recently discovered they do breakfast! You can imagine my joy (especially as its opposite central station and on the walk from the gym to work…)

I love the decor, from the mismatched chairs and tables with their happy little sunflowers to their rustic wooden floor and comfy couches. The food is actually fab and there is always a chilled atmosphere.

Normally I grab a tasty porridge with honey and/or some granary toast with jam and butter. But my new favourite is their new vegan smoothie bowl with chia seeds, Cacau and fresh fruit. It’s great value for money; the staff are super helpful and friendly! It’s a real hidden gem so go and check it out!


With Love,

Naomi x

P.s. You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram here!

(All photos are my own)


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