Transitional Playful Pants 

For someone that usually wears a lot of black I’ve been drawn to certain colours atm! Especially with trousers! And living in the north east of England it’s hard to plan an outfit that you could easily wear all day/night.
My fave pants atm are my h&m pale pink tailored trousers and my Zara mustard culottes.

I managed to pick up the pale pink pants for only £7.00 in the sale! So it was a must. They are super comfy as they are stretch and are slightly cropped so look great with cute little pumps or your fave trainers for the day time. They can also be paired with your court heels for a classy date night outfit!

The culottes were only £19.99 in Zara (an absolute steal!) I’m a huge fan of culottes to start with (I have a beautiful burgandy jumpsuit that has them at the bottom as well) as they are crazy comfy and on point atm! They also look nice with dainty shoes or some chunky heels; a great transitional outfit! I’ve worn mine with a white shirt and chunky black heels for a christening. Then for a cute day time of duty look I paired them with lace up pointed flats, a cute Zara textured vest and topshop leather jacket.

It’s just nice to wear something a little bit different! Don’t worry though, my black jeans, leather leggings and ripped denim will forever be in my heart.

Have a peek and find your perfect pair of playful pants for your new fave #ootd/#ootn!

With Love,

Naomi x


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