Lil Spring Clean

Spring is as good a time as any to get organised, rid yourself of any unwanted baggage and start afresh.

Where/how you live, your wardrobe or even in your mind.


Whatever may have been troubling you; making you feel life isn’t quite as it should be, doesn’t have to be. That could be something as trivial/simple as thinking you don’t have the right brow shade man (the struggle is real) it doesn’t matter! Just remember, you are in charge of how you feel and how you want to live. (And hey, that includes having the best brows you can gal!)

So have a good ol’ clear out; take a deep breath and a nice brisk step closer to a clearer living space, clothes draw or mindset. 

I’m gonna start with clearing out my Easter eggs (into ma tum) then eating clean, mixing up how I train to fit my ever evolving goals and make myself happy with my body again. I’m also going to be focusing more on my blog and the direction I want to take with it.

What’s your spring clean plan of action?

With Love,

Naomi x


2 thoughts on “Lil Spring Clean

  1. I’m hoping to have a couple of weeks off work. I have a drawer of things to ebay and a wardrobe desperate for a sort out. I am also in great need of doing a deep clean of my kitchen and garage but the weekend doesnt leave me too much time!

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