Sunday Scranin’

We all have the idea of a perfect Sunday, nice lil stroll with your love, a big Sunday roast or just chillin in ya cosies. Mine usually involves food… 

Today has been one of those lush chilled Sunday’s with delicious food and even better company. 

After doing a lil spring clean (don’t ask, had no Sunday chill to start) we headed down to the quayside market to peruse all of the artisan goodies.  

One of the stalls has gorgeous little flavoured coffee beans and instant coffee that I’ve been after trying for a few weeks! So we picked up two flavours (chocolate orange and cinder toffee) and decided on where to go for some Sunday scran. 

Although I literally just went yesterday, we decided to go to Long Play Cafe and have some lunch. This time we sat inside in the ‘cushty corner’ on a cosy burgandy Chesterfield; right in front of the record player. The sound of which gave me chills; love the sound of vinyl.  

   I may have gone for the exact same pulled pork stottie that I had yesterday (not sorry, it was lush) and a Diet Coke; the BF got a bacon and Swiss cheese bun and a sprite. Quality food and friendly service yet again! 

Now obviously we needed a lil bit of sweet to top it off so we headed back through to the market for the one thing I’ve been banging on about all day (okay, for a few weeks) doughnuts from The Doughnut Guy. I was so not disappointed either!  

   We both got 3 sugared doughnut balls with salted caramel sauce and marshmallows, so good!

 Fun little stroll along the Gateshead quay then home for yet more food… BF made tacos, he’s a good egg.

(Totally weren’t pretending to be Gandalf with that stick btw… Okay, ‘YOU SHALL NOT PASS!’ may have been thrown about a few times… But shh)

Hope you had a lush Sunday with your fave too! We just chillin’ now coz we’ve eaten too much (shock.) 

With Love,

Naomi x


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