Long Play Cafe 

Just a quick lil post about my new found love: Long Play Cafe on Newcastle Quayside.  

I just popped in for the first time today for a quick bite to eat as I was on the quayside and starving after training legs! (As always.) 

The weather was rather mild and I saw people were sat outside so I had a look at the menu inside. The staff were really friendly and very helpful. I didn’t know what I wanted (I was stuck between a sandwhich and a bagel… The struggle is real…) but one of the girls helped me chose a pulled pork bun and a tea. 

 I sat on a wee table outside and the girls brought out my tea and asked if I would like anything else which was lovely. Shortly after my sandwhich came in the cutest little tin bath looking tray thing (pretty sure that’s the technical term…) with a good ol’ handful of crisps and oh my was it delicious! I was super impressed and for only £4.00. 

The cool thing is it also sells vinyls in the ambient low lit cafe and is attached to the pub popolo! So basically, you could get your breakfast and a good coffee, buy your fave record and then come back for drinks later, all under the same roof.

I would defo recommend! In fact, I’m going back on Thursday for a cheeky lil breakfast with the BF so I may see you there!

With Love, 

Naomi x


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