Falling for 5th Avenue Flowers

This has been my number one go to place for flowers for the last three years! They are consistent, beautiful and have effortlessly class. Plus the shop is so cute, flowers lining every wall! I fall in love every time I go in.

 I popped in today to pick up a bunch flowers for my BF’s mum I had ordered during the week (I’m meeting his parents in the morning in York for the first time… I’m slightly nervous!) I thought with it being Mother’s Day it would be a nice gesture to get his mum some flowers to take with us.

As I haven’t obviously met her yet, I wanted something classic and elegant, so I asked for whites and greens. As that has always been the way she has been described to me. 

 When I got there however, somehow my order had been misplaced! (Normally this would make me panic) But as fast as the mistake was realised it was rectified. Straight away the lovely ladies told me they would make me a bunch up then and there and off they went. Fabulous customer service! 

As promised a beautiful bunch, adorned with beautiful white roses, eucalyptus and pussy willow, was ready. I fell in love with them as I always do with the flowers from 5th Avenue. 

  Would definitely reccomend these lovely little petals for all your floristry fancies.  

With Love,

Naomi x


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