Mini Mother’s Day Monday

We decided instead of a gift for Mother’s Day, we would go on a mini tea and cake crawl today instead (ft a lil champagne) as I’m in York on Sunday meeting my BF’s parents (eek!) So…

…Our first stop, breakfast of course! You all know exactly where my favourite place for breakfast is too…  Cafe Royal (obvs) as my mum had never been! (Couldn’t be having that could I) I had one of my favourites, cinnamon brioche toast and my mum had French toast with bacon and tomato. As always it was delicious!   
My mum has recently been told she is lactos intolerant so had a black earl grey tea (just to note: they did offer soy milk!) and I had a lovely english breakfast tea which all came to just over £14.  
The service as always was fab and we walked away with big smiles and happy tummy’s. Perfect brekkie to set us up for the day!  

After that unreal breakfast we fancied something even more sweet so popped into Patisserie Valerie. I hadn’t been to the one in Newcastle yet and wasn’t disappointed. The interior was just as beautiful as the one in Edinburgh (from my Valentines post!) and the service was just as lush.  


 I went for an English breakfast tea again and my mum had an earl grey with blue flowers. It was loose leaf and was absolutely delicious! I really didn’t know what I fancied to eat and kept changing my mind! The lady serving us however was super accommodating and helped me pick out a lovely little mixed berry and fresh cream tart, which was so yummy, that surprised me as I’m a bit of a chocolate fiend usually. My mum went for a plain butter crossiant, warmed with extra butter (naughty; obvs worth a bad tummy!)  

 On the way out I couldn’t resist picking up a lil something for my better half, so got six cute baby truffles: 2x salted caramel, 2x dark chocolate, a white chocolate and a raspberry and champagne (okay, maybe that one was for me…) all in all a lovely little visit!  


Somehow, we then ended up in the oyster and champagne bar in fenwick! (Salt Water Fish Co.) 

 And after two gorgeous glasses of champagne (maybe some fries… We classy like that…) and a nice chill in the lush relaxed atmosphere, we took a little wander around the food hall and decided where to go next… 

…Which led to our last stop (mostly because I genuinely couldn’t drink anymore tea, who knew that was even possible, right?! And I’ve been dying to try this place) Quilliam Brothers’ tea house near Haymarket.

  It looks wonderful inside, quirky and rustic. There were low tables with nice rugs and wee cushions for people to sit on the floor while having tea and cake and paintings hung on the walls with string (they do savoury food and are vegan friendly too!)  

 As my mum had already had a lil bit of dairy we went for a dairy free banana and chocolate cake and (yep, you guessed it!) I had an afternoon tea and she went for earl grey… Again!  The teas were lovely and the cake was actually lush. All for just over £7 too… Although we did almost walk out without paying by accident! (For the second time that day… Oops!) we went straight back in of course. The staff were lovely and the service was excellent. In fact I’m going back tomorrow with my sister, yay, more tea!  


So our mini Mother’s Day tea crawl was a success and we’ve panned to go out again and try some more that we’ve not been to (we couldn’t go to tea sutra as we were so full, however, it’s defo on the list!)  


Y’all know I’ll keep you updated with that; I’m off for a week now so I’ll hopefully be able to post a lot!

With Love,

Naomi x 


5 thoughts on “Mini Mother’s Day Monday

  1. Was a fabulous day, lots of lovely tea and food and the company of my darling daughter, all in all was practically perfect (little bit of Disney thrown in there) xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There was so many more we were going to try but I was at the point of wanting to sleep 🙈 I tried my first oyster there and I was so good! I looked canny hilarious though! My face was a picture 😂 xxx


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