With Love, Leg Day x

Most of us have got a love/hate relationship with leg day and today was no different for me, I was teetering on the edge of hate… Not gonna lie I was not feeling it this morning… But as I was daydreaming about eating the full contence of the fridge instead this went through my head… 


It’s me, Leg Day… Again. I know, I know I come around every week… And you’re forced to think about me for a few days afterward until… There I am, back again… but all I want to know is why avoid me? You know (and I definitely know) I’m good for you. 

Come on, you know the things I do for you. When we squat I give you dat booty (and quads!) you’ve been lusting after; when we do stiff leg dead lifts together your hams (and glutes) are poppin! Any position you like on the leg press; I’ll give you anything you want! I know I’ve hurt you before and I know I’ll hurt you again… (I’m sorry but I have to, for you to progress!) 

I’m not asking for you to fall in love with me or to even like me. Just know that you need me. I can build you that booty and tighten those quads and hams just all for you! 

With Love,

Leg Day x’

And I thought, you know what, I just can not skip leg day, for all it makes you walk like John Wayne/a penguin the few days after (and stairs are a killer) it’s done me well so far. I’ve never been happier with my legs or my bum for that matter. So I went and I did legs (only semi-reluctantly). Now I feel 100% better and 120kg on the leg press felt comfortable for 10 again. Yay!

Although I am not looking forward to the doms the next few days! (Delayed onset muscle soreness… The bit that makes you wanna cry the next day when you try to move) 

So don’t disappoint leg day, build that booty/those legs instead!

With Love, 

Naomi x

(Now I’m gonna go stuff my face @ Turlte Bay in Newcastle and go to the cinema… Well deserved! Stay posted on how I like Turtle Bay… For the second time…)


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