It’s the Little Things: Romance on a Budget

While it’s nice being able to spoil each other with fancy presents and meals, sometimes y’all know that’s not an option. But why does that mean the romance of spoiling your partner can’t exist? 

It doesn’t! Being on a budget does not mean you can’t make someone feel special. There are so many ways to show you love someone or to spoil them for little or no price at all. And you know what? Sometimes it’s the little things that mean so much more. They’re the reason I think I’ll always get butterflies, the little surprise cuddles, a kiss to the forehead… img_1648
  Why not send them a cute message saying you’re thinking about them? (I love those!) go home and cook them their favourite meal and have a lil indoor picnic (building a fort is optional but recommended.) Even a fun impromptu play fight! Be careful though… They can get out of hand…   

   You could introduce them to something new you guys can do together like starting a TV show, training at the gym together (this brings you so close together, you’d be surprised!) or something on more of an intimate level (ahem…) You could try more simple things like, making the bed, drawing them a bath; telling them how beautiful they look to you… even just asking them to go on a cosy little walk or if they’d like to make tea together, you can just let them know you love them.     

   Here’s a huge one, just say thank you. It’s such a little phrase but makes all the difference. There’s no better way for you to make someone feel special than when they feel appreciated. They don’t have to be having a bad day for you to make them feel special either. Imagine they are having the best day, these little things will make everything so much more perfect. 

Being with someone that thinks about how to make you happy (without having to break the bank) is the most amazing thing, so be that person back. You’ve got this!  

 Today I got some fruit, meringue and chantilly cream on the way home for the grand total of £4.00; introduced my BF to mixed berry Eton Mess for a lil surprise dessert and put the washing on the airer. He made me a lush healthy tea and cuddled me as I napped on him after a long week. These are just the little everyday things but they are the little everyday things that count.

So go spoil your partner with love today, throw your arms around them and tell them you love them, surprise them with a cosy night in, light some candles (ya’ll know why…) and I’ll bet you’re blown away by the reaction.

With Love,

Naomi x


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