Why Lasses Should Lift

“I don’t want to lift weights, I’ll get bulky.”

“Weights are for boys, I’m not strong enough.”

“Don’t get too big, it’s not feminine!”

“I just want to tone…”

I’m pretty sure a lot of you lifting lasses will have heard this so many times. And I’m sure you’ll have all rolled your eyes just the same, so here’s a quick little insight as to why I think all lasses should lift…

Perception… If you lift weights, you’re not gonna automatically turn into Arny (when you think even some lads struggle to put on size and that’s their main aim!) When I first started getting into the gym, this was all I heard. Fair enough, people have different tastes when it comes to what they find attractive/feminine/beautiful but it’s about what you think.

You feel better… Since I started training properly and lifting weights I’ve never felt better. And tbh (this is hard for me to say) but for real I’ve never looked better.

Toning… Isn’t real. You build muscle and that’s what ‘tones’ you. And lifting weights builds muscle.

Fat loss… Comes as part of the package with lifting! Imagine eating clean and lifting weights.

Lifting and love… You know what, there’s nothing men find sexier than a lass racking up her own weights with a gleam of sweat on her forehead (I actually met my BF that way) Forget tinder, go to the gym!

Dat ass… You’ll thank me when you see how good your bum has started to look (in that Lycra) even after just a couple leg days…

Don’t be intimidated… Honestly it’s not as scary as you think. No one cares what weight you’re lifting or what you look like, they’re there to do the exact same thing. If you’re worried you won’t know what you’re doing, ask! You’ll find everyone’s happy to help and share their ideas!

So ladies, hop off the tredmill and take a peek in the weights area. You won’t believe how it makes you feel and you certainly won’t believe how strong you actually are; I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

…I’m off to do shoulders!

With Love,

Naomi x


2 thoughts on “Why Lasses Should Lift

  1. I took up weightlifting after having my daughter and it improved my body shape massively! Although at first I was only ever bulking… once I started doing cardiovascular and bodyweight training again I was much happier. I still lift occasionally to maintain what I built or sort it out if my butt gets too flat haha.

    Loving your blog BTW naomi! Keep it up!

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