Valentines Edinburgh Exploring

Happy Valentines Day Lovelies!

Wether you’ve been spoiled by your love or partying with your best ones, I hope you’ve been feeling the love today ❤️ I have!

My boyfriend and I took a trip up to Edingburgh together for the day and had the best time doing our fave things, eating and exploring.

The journey there:

Luckily we live just over the bridge in Gateshead so could easily walk into Newcastle to catch our train. We left early so just grabbed some pastries (BF also had a bacon roll…) on the way into Central station and had a little train picnic! My fave kind.

It was beautiful weather for the train ride (there was a lil patch of snow which made me regret wearing fur… But then it cleared up, thank god!) and the scenery up to Scotland is lovely.

P.S. It’s defo worth booking early for your train to get it cheaper!

Hungry hunting:

As soon as we arrived we went on the hunt for somewhere to eat breakfast (I know, I know, we had already had the pastries…) there we so many places, we were spoiled for choice! But as we had worked up quite a hunger (from all the stairs…)

We popped into a quaint little cafe the top of these stairs (past the smallest pub in Scotland) and I got a bacon, black pudding and hash brown sandwhich and an English breakfast tea. And this isn’t like me but I was so hungry I didn’t even get a photo or the name of the cafe!! But it totally set us up for the day and we also got some cheeky caramel shortbread to take away too. (Which was lush!)

Architecture Aesthetic: 

One of the reasons I love Edingburgh is for the buildings. They are all so beautiful in their own way but look so perfect together. (It’s a big part of why I love Newcastle as well!) There are so many little alcoves and side streets to explore, you could spend a whole day just finding hidden treasures amongst the buildings; reminds me of York that way (We found a lush little market inside an old church!) but on this occasion I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves…

 Patisserie Valerie pit stop:

One of my favourite places to visit on rose street, we had a cosy little seat upstairs and stuffed ourselves with a chocolate mousse (dark, rich and huge!) a raspberry tart (super refreshing!) and two hot chocolates. Perfect after exploring in the chilly February air.

  Princes Steet Views:

Regardless of the chilly weather we had the best time walking all the streets and stopping off in various places. I love Princes street (it’s the perfect place for a bit of high street shopping too!) mostly for the view of the castle and the gardens. Even in the winter they are beautiful.

 Edinburgh Eats:

We went to The Rosehip for a late lunch (after the BF and I watched the rugby and got too into it; I smashed a glass in the pub we were in beforehand… Anyway…) we booked but as it was Sunday I don’t think we needed to. I went for 24 hour slow cooked ox cheeks with creamy mash and carrots and my BF went for classic fish and chips. They came out very quickly and were super tasty! We just had soft drinks here (after smashedglassgate) and it came to around £30 which I thought was pretty good. It was a cute, quirky little restaurant and perfect for a nice bite.


Cocktails @ The Dome:

My favourite place in Edingburgh. Purely because it’s so beautiful. It has such a chilled out, ambient atmosphere despite looking so fancy…

 It was fairly busy but by the time I’d ordered a Cosmo (£8.00 but so worth it) at the bar, my BF had managed to nab us a wee table in a cosy corner.

We had an unreal view of the gorgeous ceiling and the whole room in fact! I felt so content sitting there chatting away sipping from my martini glass.

I felt as though time was at a stand still. Perfect place, with the most perfect person (had to get a lil soppy, it is Valentines after all!)

Final Farewell:

We had booked a fairly late train back (8:18pm) as we’d not made any solid plans and didn’t know how long we would want to stay… But after all that walking and food/drink we were shattered by half six! I would advise booking a slightly earlier train back if you’re planning on going all over like we did as its not as big as you think! We bought our shortbread (I have to get some ever time I come, I love it!) got a warm drink in the train station and waited for the train home. (Which I wrote this on as my BF had fallen asleep, bless him.)

So if you’re planning a trip up to Edinburgh anytime soon, wrap up, eat well and explore. We did and it’s the best way!
With Love,

Naomi x



2 thoughts on “Valentines Edinburgh Exploring

  1. Thank you for this post! I’m taking a trip to Edinburgh with my boyfriend in April & I’ll definately be looking out for that quirky little market inside the church! Thanks for the tips!

    Good work with the posts -loved discovering your blog today!

    Liked by 1 person

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