My Top #6 Bad Lad Breakfasts

I’m a huge fan of breakfast as some of you may know. Specially when you feel like you can’t move afterwards. So I thought I’d make a wee list of my favourite places to get a bad lad brekkie in and around Newcastle. I couldn’t think of a better way to list them than fullness afterwards because tbh all of them are delicious in their own way! So here it is…

1. Longhorns – Newcastle City Center, Mosely Street

I’ll start with the biggest breakfast I’ve ever had. Known for its huge meat boards (which are amazing value btw, take a look at their Lunch Menu too!) I was excited to see what they had to offer for breakfast. My boyfriend and I were seated downstairs, by a very friendly member of staff, in a nice cosy alcove and asked for our drink order (I had a tap water in the end, I wanted as much room possible for the food!) And we looked at the Breakfast Menu. We both went for the ‘the all in’ (the obvious choice, right?) and were not disappointed when it (very quickly) arrived at the table. I had never seen such a huge amount of food for one person! The board was adorned with the monst delicious looking breakfast food going! We got the biggest sweet waffle I’ve ever seen, two pancakes, two sausage patties, two eggs (they went to the BF) little herby potatoes, smoked pit beans, oak smoked bacon, two slices of black budding and maple syrup! All for the very reasonable price of £12.00 excellent value for money of you ask me.


So if you have a big appetite and enjoy a good ol’ hearty breakfast, pop in and fill your boots (you literally could.)

2. The Butterfly Cabinet – Heaton

I fell in love with the butterfly cabinet the first time I went a few years ago because the cute, quirky interior and friendly staff were exactly my cup of tea. So I jumped at the chance to go again for breakfast. It was a lovely sunny day which came through the windows of the buzzing cafe and there was a lovely atmosphere. After the lovely lady that worked there took my drink order (apple juice this time) I looked through the Breakfast Menu I went for the the ‘USA’ purely because I’m obsessed with pancakes I’m not gonna lie… I was pleasantly surprised again by the amount you actually get (We don’t do it by halves up north!) and how delicious it was. The service was very speedy and even better it was only £7.00!

Definitely worth popping into this quaint little cafe to grab a delicious brekkie that will keep you full till lunch!

3.  Weatherspoons – Newcatsle

Okay, don’t judge. I know how this looks… But it’s actually really nice and super cheap! The staff are always really friendly (which as you can see I like, I’m huge on customer service!) and there is always a nice quiet corner for you to chill in and pig out and that’s always a winner for me. Plus they come out so fast, how can you complain? All of this (I went large) only cost me £4.70. You may argue this is just a glorified greasy spoon but sometimes that’s exactly what you need!

4. Cafe Royal – Newcastle

I won’t say too much on this one as I already posted about it previously but I couldn’t leave it out! Check out my post about their Waffles!

5. Frankie and Bennies – Newcastle

I have to admit, it’s not quite as tasty as the others but it is certainly a quick and easy option, the customer service is always spot on and you can get triple stack pancakes with bacon and maple syrup for £5.95 which is always a winner! Plus it’s always nice having your order taken from your table somewhere with a nice laid back vibe. Check out their Breakfast Menu (if you don’t only choose bacon/pancakes like me…)

6. Blakes – Newcastle, Gray Street

If you aren’t after something as filling as these, you could always pop into this little family run cafe. You’ll order at the till and the girls will bring your food over to your chosen table. Every time I go I get one of their big bacon sandwiches with black pudding (it’s to die for) and add brown sauce.  

There’s a lovely buzz and you will definitely feel satisfied afterwards for only £3.50!

I could literally write pages upon pages about where else you can get a bang up breakfast (I’m sure you’ve realised this by now…) but I’ll leave these with you and you can all decide for yourselves which is your fave brekkie!

With Love,

Naomi x


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