Pancake Pimpin’

Today is one of my favourite days ever.

Why wouldn’t it be when there’s a WHOLE DAY dedicated to the making/eating of pancakes?!

I dragged my boyfriend out of bed just so we could go buy some ingredients and got right to work.

I’ve never followed an actual recipe for my pancakes (I make them a little too often so I know how I like them…) I just fill a bowl or jug with milk and combine two eggs, then sift in flour bit by bit, while mixing, until it’s the perfect consistency (not too runny!) you can also add sugar or cinnamon to your preference.

Heat a frying pan to just above medium, add a little oil/one cal sray/coconut oil, use either a jug or a ladle to pour your mix into the middle of the pan and let the magic begin. Β 

Use a spatula to make sure your edges are coming away and once it is fully sealed on the bottom flip it over. You can either use your spatula or if you’re a seasoned pro (and love the theatre of it like me) flip it from the pan. And hey it a few of them end up on the ceiling or the floor it’s a funny story to tell your pals, right?

Now that your pancakes look unreal and you have about 10 on your plate, pimp them up with your ultimate fave toppings! Β 

I went for two kinds today (on one plate… I know, it was dirty…) banana and no calorie syrup (i know this is like going to McDonald’s and ordering a Diet Coke but it’s actually lush I swear) and yogurt with blueberry compote.

I only ate about 5 in the end, two inbetween making more to actually use… And three on my plate. Reason being I gave two away (semi-reluctantly) and I am going to my mums later to eat even more. I’m at the gym now and I’m hoping I don’t see my morning pancakes again…

So, Happy Pancake Day guys, hope you feel as full of stodgy goodness as I do!

With Love,

Naomi x


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