Sunday Slayin’ ft Thick Thighs


I just wanna talk about something real quick. You know when you just really aren’t feeling it? Your make up, your outfit, your body…

I’m currently sitting in the changing rooms at the gym, totally stalling on training… (It’s the sixth day this week so I’m a little tired/grumpy.)

But as I sit here with leg doms from yesterday, it got me thinking about how much I used to hate my thighs. They were always thick and jiggly, even though the rest of me was always so small. I hated that. Now I train legs they are even thicker; they just don’t jiggle (as much!) and I absolutely love them. I used to always be obsessed with the idea of getting skinny enough for them to shrink but being a pear shape that was never going to happen! And I’m so glad.

But having thick thighs is not a bad thing.

To prove it here are a few beautiful ladies with thick thighs that are always slayin’ to remind you, having thick thighs is actually class!


Beyoncé: Obvious choice. Thighs for days.

Michelle Lewin: Her thigh game is very strong.

Khloe: Has been training hard and looks unreal for it. Those pins though.

Paige Hathaway: This beautiful lady is another strong thick thigh beauty. 

 Kylie: Reppin’ all the younger girls with thick thighs!

And of course…

Jlo: No words needed.


I don’t know about you but I’m happy to be part of a group that looks so fierce!

 So whatever it is you’re dwelling on today, wether you’re cuddled up in your cosies, workin it in your thigh highs or even working in that uniform you hate, y’all are slayin’ this Sunday. 

With Love, 

Naomi x


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