Coffee and Concealer

Y’all know who your best friends are, on those tired, cold; early mornings, don’t you?

You (reluctantly) roll out of bed into your slippers and shuffle out of the room. It’s still dark so you flick on the light and squint into the bathroom mirror. Then you think ‘Jesus, that’s what I really look like.’

We’ve all been there (every morning.)

BUT, that’s what our lil friends are for. First of all concealer. It is a detrimental part of your make up routine for the simple fact that it kills those lil bags that appear when you wake up (must be all that dreaming about shopping…)

My ultimate fave for years has been: MAC Mineralize Concealer NW15 

It has amazing coverage for under the eyes/spots/blemishes and is perfect to contour with!

Now that you’re feeling slightly more glam, have finished perfecting the rest of your face and actually look awake again… It’s time to wake up your brain!

 This bit is easy, second nature to all of us on the commute to work. Simply pop into your fave coffee shop and order your usual to go!

Mines a caramel mocha with all the trimmings.

With Love,

Naomi x


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