Trainer treasure 

Trainers had never really been a big deal for me, I enjoyed a nice pair of white converse in the summer/being on holiday but other than that, I wasn’t too bothered. (Until I fell in love with adidas superstars last year and treated myself… But that’s another story.)

My boyfriend on the other hand, lives in them as he’s a personal trainer. So naturally he’s always looking for a good deal as he wears them into the ground (literally.)

As I’ve gotten more and more into the gym in the last year I’ve had various pairs, various colours and never really been too fussy because I’ve always just looked for the best price. The last gym trainers I bought were some jazzy little New Balance, reduced to about £30 from Tkmaxx (my ultimate fave shop for a bargain, especially gym stuff.)

So today my boyfriend went hunting for trainer treasure and definitely came home with a booty to be proud of (ahem.)

He got these beaut Nikes from Start Fitness: Nike air zoom elite 8’s £100 down to £70

Just a heads up they also do unreal gym gear…
This Nike pro top and these Nike pro leggings were both great bargains…

As well as these puma leggings (my faves, so nice to train in as they come up so high!)

He also went on a little trip to The Nike Factory Store in Durham and may as well have stolen these bad lads for the price he paid!

Nike free 4.0 Flyknit’s were £100 down to £43! (Bargain or what!?)


As I was drooling over his buys, I couldn’t help but be slightly (hugely) jealous that I didn’t have any beautiful new trainers of my own. I just really fancied some lovely black Nike numbers to go with all my new jazzy gym clothes. Then I got the best message…


My new babies: Nike Flex 2014 RN £45 down to £28  

So all in all a good day in the way of trainers and major bf points to mine for being an absolute gem and knowing exactly what I was after.

So if you’re looking for a bargain to add to your gym wardrobe without breaking the bank, take a trip to these treasure troves and go wild! 

With Love,

Naomi x


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