Sale Soulmate: Faux Fur Edition 


I was lusting after a fur coat for so long when they came back into fashion and was searching for that perfect one, you know that one that gives you butterflies? (I once bought a Mac because it legit almost made me cry I loved it that much…)

However, after trying on various styles and colours, I had given up hope of finding ‘the one’ then as I was leaving I spotted a little pastel blue/green fur number peeking out of the last chance to buy rack… You know how it is, your heart starts to pound, you get all hot and you start to think irrationally.


This starts going though your head ‘Oh man I’m gonna be so gutted if this isn’t in my size… Oh shit it is… What  price is it though… I shouldn’t be doing this…’ 

So on this occasion it was my size (oh crap) but alas, it had no price! Now this has you in a huge dilemma, do I… a) find out the price to be disappointed because I know rent is defo more important?… Or b) do I decide on a price I find acceptable and if it’s that or less, go for it? 

Obviously I took it to find out the price (not sorry) only to be told it’s £10.00 over my ‘budgeted price’ of £40.00 (I got bills I gotta pay but there is a reason I put that in quotation marks.)

I went to try it on and even in the awful lighting and long skewed mirror, I fell in love. Immediately that tenner didn’t even matter, ‘what’s a tenner, right?’

So I took my little fur baby over to the till, confident I’d made the right choice, and the wonderful lady at the till tells me with a smile ‘oh there’s actually 20% off everything from Dorethy Perkins today’

Now you can imagine my joy at hearing this, I got those sale feels and it was obviously fate (the irrational thoughts come back) that 20% was that extra tenner. Meant to be. Y’all know the exact feeling I’m talking about too, am I right?!


Just kidding…

Stop looking for that perfect coat/bag/dress girl; may your sale soulmate find you.

Happy shopping ladies.

With love,

Naomi x


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