Big Rack Goals

FYI I’m definitely not talking about my boobs (firm member of the itty bitty titty committee.)

Anyway… I’ve been hitting the gym at least 5 days a week sometimes six the last five weeks. Targeting different areas each day etc. 

At the moment one of my favourite days is back day. No particular reason other than the exercises have a nice variety of movements and equipment and that makes it fun for me! 

I’ve been progressing at a steady rate and making sure I don’t rush (so not to disappoint myself when I can’t do the weight I want/hit my goals)

So today, sure enough it was back day again and I was hitting PB’s all over (personal bests) so I was totally buzzing. 

First it was bent over row and I hit my target goal for this week. I just knew I wanted to get over the 30kg I did last week and I got 32kg for 4 sets of 10! (Yay!) Tried 35kg for one set but wasn’t happy too happy with my form.

Did a few more exercises until I came to the most important one for me today. One arm bent over row. I’ve been going up steadily in weight, over the past few weeks but today was the day I finally moved onto the big boy rack! I was literally so excited, I know it’s only 10kg (totally could have used the rubber 10’s on the smaller rack as that’s the highest weight) but moving onto those little red and black babies made my day.

The guys next to me were doing exactly the same thing but with a 34kg weight which makes my wee tens look puny, but do you think that matters? Not at all. I set myself a goal and I reached it and I couldn’t be happier.
So keep pushing yourself and working on your own personal goals! 

Here’s a shamless post workout pic to sign off with 🙂

With Love,

Naomi x


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