Waffling about waffles


As its early and all I can think about is food… (Always) let’s talk about breakfast.

Don’t get me wrong I love a bit of porridge or weetabix in the morning but that can get boring, right?

However, I have one major issue when it comes to ‘healthier’ breakfasts… I don’t like eggs. While it doesn’t cause me to break down in tears, it does make me sad. You guys have it all, ya’ll can have a cheeky omelet in a matter of minutes, eggs benedict, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, egg and soilders… Well you get the point but that’s what I mean, the choices are endless. I envy you egg lovers.

Now I’m a little bit obsessed with the worst (best) kind of breakfasts such as: waffles and bacon with maple syrup, sweet cinnamon toast with yogurt and berry compote or even a lil bit of French toast.

There’s only one place that has captured my heart with these little bites of heaven.

(I have to show you the pictures first… I’m almost drooling at the thought)

 All of these pictures are from various visits to my favourite breakfast haunt, Cafe Royal in Newcastle.

They have the most amazing breakfasts but as you can see I tend to stick to something sweet and/or with bacon 🙈

They have an unreal choice of those pesky eggs though if that’s more your thing (yak) and every time my boyfriend and I go his egg type breakfast always looks delicious regardless. (He’s obsessed with the omlette from here)

I’d go early to grab a cosy seat along the side of the cafe as it gets quite busy slightly later on.

They also have various other restaurants in their group SFC; I’ve been to a few and  enjoyed all of them!

Cafe Royal website, take a look!
I might see you there 😋

I need to go and make my own breakfast now as talking about it for so long has me starving! Enjoy guys and definitely go and check out those bacon and waffles with maple syrup, they’re to die for… just gonna go and eat my porridge now while dreaming of them…

With Love, 

Naomi x


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